Nonstick Frying Pan
Nonstick Frying Pan
Nonstick Frying Pan
Nonstick Frying Pan
Nonstick Frying Pan
Nonstick Frying Pan
Nonstick Frying Pan
Nonstick Frying Pan

Nonstick Frying Pan

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Cooking shouldn't be a chore - it should be fun for everyone. With our Mini Nonstick Egg and Fry Pan, you'll have a solid cooking tool, it features nonstick coating, the mini one is ideal for sandwich-size eggs and pancakes too. And the large one is a perfect tool for making large meals for big families, parties, or gatherings.


  • Totally Nonstick Coating
    Coated with a granite stone finish making it powerfully non-stick, while increasing durability. This unique feature allows you to cook meals without worrying about the meal sticking to the pan and being ruined.
  • Cooking Your Food Evenly
    You won't risk unevenly cooking your food, potentially having a raw center or burning the edges. The Fry Pan with even heat conduction ensures deliciously well-cooked food every time, also guarantees sturdiness and durability.
  • Make Healthier Cooking
    A health concern with many non-stick products is that they contain PFOA, a dangerous industrial surfactant. Granite stone promises that its pans are produced without this chemical and are safer than many alternatives.
  • Done All in One
    The 12cm pan is ideal for eggs and the 32cm pan is ideal for making a variety of large meals. The large size pan is the perfect product for large families or anyone entertaining large groups, enjoying your family mealtime.
  • Non-scratch
    The granite stone finish of this pan means it is scratch-resistant and will hold up against any metal spatulas or spoons. It means you can use all of the utensils you already have in your kitchen and won't need to worry about scratching your pan.


PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 × Nonstick Frying Pan



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